Perfect summer

In Denmark it’d very hot these days, and we enjoy our amazing organic quilt collection outside :-) I wish you all a great summer!



pure scarf collection

Say hello to our pure scarf collection – all made in Nepal by the most beautiful women. This is part of our sustainable project in Kathmandu – Cashmere / silk / bamboo – only pure materials – I hope you like it <3

We call it luxury with a clear conscience. Have a great day! hugs Camilla

scarf, collection, cashmere, silk , bamboo

cashmere and nordic style

I’m SO proud about our new care by me photos! on the picture below you see our Marie wrap blouse, and I think the expression in the picture are true to our words: muted luxury and slow wear. I hope you like it as much as I do! /Camilla

care by me cashmere - sustainable luxury - slow wear


Copenhagen Fashion Summit

April 24 we went to Copenhagen Fashion Summit a conference where people from around the world gather to hear about, inspire, and share knowledge about sustainability in fashion and textile industry.

Fairstyles, Charlie, Camilla Gullits, Connie Nielsen

care by me, cashmere, sustainable















There were experts from around the world to share knowledge and share their own case stories – very specific in terms of what their priorities were and how they had worked with them.

It is clearly a contrast when we say sustainable fashion. Many people perceive fashion, as something rapidly changing and mass consuming. In contrast, sustainability is seen as long-term and focused on saving resources. So one of the great dilemmas especially for High street shops is, of course, how to get a business model that can reconcile the two concepts. And if the business can see the possibilities inherent in improving both human and environmental bottom line.

For some small businesses and for some luxury brands there are actually several common denominators between what we perceive to be sustainable and we associate with luxury: The products usually have a unique story, they are made with fine craftsmanship, made ​​of good materials and has a long life. So it makes sense that a company of Bottega Veneta uses a lot of resources on sustainable development. And it is amazing to see the great financial, economic and human achievements they have created. We had a really good day and we went home with a great deal of inspiration and faith in what we’re doing is super relevant and contemporary ☺

I have made 2 simple advises for a more sustainable and conscious consumption.

Buy little but good. 

Most of us – including me – know about impulse purchases – and sometimes this might be ok. But way too often these purchases end up at the bottom of the wardrobe. Then it is a waste of resources. If we all thought twice about all the resources used in the production of example a t-shirt we might be willing to spend a little more money on a good quality for longer product life and a better usage of our common resources.

Less laundry 

If you wash your clothes less and do not use tumble dryer you save the environment a lot of resources. You save yourself money at the same time, because your clothes will last longer, and your electricity bill becomes smaller ;-)

Have a great day! Regards Camilla


your very own cashmere-heaven

Amalie just wrote this text to our cashmere throws – and to be honest I agree – and i LOVE it.

It has been a while, we have simply have had so much to do, and it takes a while for me to write in english (hopefully one day we will get a translated – and until then I hope you will forgive me if I spell the words wrong sometimes…)As you might remember we started to sell to shops in January, and so far we are in 16 shops in Denmark by now. I’m very happy and very proud! We are 3 people in the Danish office – so we have lots to do witch is just great – it’s better to be busy than bored. Please remember we make small updates on our Facebook page

Well heres the text Amalie wrote:

Nothing beats snuggling up in your very own cashmere-heaven. The softness on your skin and the lightness that covers your body, embraces you after a long day at work. 
The thick throw in 100% superior cashmere, is the perfect match to a self-caring lifestyle. 
The throw is made without use of electricity and therefore knitted on an old-fashioned hand knitting machines, this way the natural fibers of the cashmere is allowed to keep it’s volume, and become the incomparable product we offer.

And below you can see some of the pictures she wrote it for – I hope you like them!

Regards Camilla – care by me

cashmere throw - care by me

care by me - cashmere throw collection


True craftsmanship



It takes a woman 22 days to knit this throw. It is knitted by hand on sticks, and it has in many ways become a symbol of the ultimate product at care by me. It is true craftsmanship. It is made of the finest quality. This throw carries several stories. Stories as was told by women during the time it was made. The story about a woman from the mountains, who was empowered and can provide for herself and her children. The story about: If we choose to design with a demand of quality, real craftsmanship and social responsibility, we can we improve life and make products that lasts a lifetime.

I do not expect this plaid become our bestseller. I do not expect you to buy it. I just want to share with you, my appreciation of this unique product that I now have a beautiful picture of.

Regards Camilla – care by me

handknit, care by me, cashmere, wool, sustainable, throw

Ready for weekend

We are more than ready to start off the weekend , we started a bit already with home baked rue buns with chocolate . Now we cross our fingers that there will be plenty of sun and that it will be possible to enjoy a few hours on the patio – preferably with our brand new quilts in organic cotton with hand-sewn stitching. Last week we discovered the anemones in the woods and when we go out to pick more, the Jessica turtleneck in 50% cashmere and 50% wool is the perfect choice to keep us warm in the woods.


care by me, weekend, cashmereWhen we were in Kathmandu in January , we met a wonderful man who ran an inspiring project. He opened a few shops in Kathmandu which could hold an orphanage self-sufficient and give young people an opportunity to try out work in the service profession . It was very inspiring. One of the products he sold is the tea you see on the collage above. The box and tea is both Nepali produced , and an amount of the profits from the sale of the tea goes to the orphanage. So we bought a stock to bring to Denmark and all of next week we will put in a tea for shipments of 280$ and up. So you buy one or more of our products and receive a tea with supports the orphanage in Kathmandu, through care by me. You will as always also support the social sustainable projects of care by me.

See if there is something that could tempt you here:

ready for spring

We just received new spring’s goodies, and one is this pink cashmere/bamboo blouse. – It is a bit transparent which will look amazing with sun kissed skin.

Check it out here 


care by me, bamboo, cashmere, sustainable

Pure self-indulgence on a rainy day

Spend the afternoon in your favorite clothes, and wrap yourself in a cashmere blanket. It is the epitome of quality of life, and a great investment in yourself.

Have a great day! hugs Camilla

care by me, cashmere, luxury, muted, danish, design

Finally sustainable wrapping <3



Today we have received our new bags made from Nepali handmade paper, they are SO beautiful and I just love that they are sustainable and fits our handmade scarfs :-)





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