a day in the office

It’s been a while since I wrote – to be honest I realized I spend “to much time” on doing things I like – but not necessary are the best for my small business.

So my dear blogging friends – from now on I hope you will brea with me when I don’t blog every second day – and not always with too many words – since I need to concentrate a bit on developing and finding  products 🙂

I really want to make a difference for some woman around the world – and besides the project in Nepal i just ordered some vintage Quilts made out of vintage sari’s, pieced together by hand – e

  • ach one is unique and has different colors, I hope other people will understand care by me as “more” than a cashmere brand – but a living brand providing sustainable and cool products for women in the Vest – helping women in development countries. It’s a matter of style and taste in your lifestyle – in your life. And I like to make cashmere blankets, vintage quilts, bedsheets…actually everything you need to have the best of everything in a great and stylish combination. I hope you understand!

care by me vintage quilts


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13 thoughts on “a day in the office

    • 🙂 my dearest Marina: I’m SO happy you understand! this is a tuff decision because I also love to be online all the time – but I think from now I will try to be here ones a week – to give updates and to follow your activities 🙂

  1. Camilla – these quilts are gorgeous! I understand completely and am thinking of taking a blogging break myself…always finding that right balance! 🙂

    • Patricia – you are so right it is all about balance – and at the moment I really need to expand the “business network” in care by me so we can start making a difference for real – even we try to do our best it’s all about money – and we need to sell more products to be able to help the way we want 🙂 I hope you do not take a break – but maybe you can also use a bit more of your time on the core business – and other important stuff in life 😉

      • Camilla – your post today is so timely for me too – I just recently launched my brand new home accessories collection (and am working on textiles now) and started a second blog to help promote that. I think in some ways we are all transforming!! 🙂 ~xo!

      • Patricia first of all i’m not sure if I congratulated you with your project: well done! and yes we are all transforming, and thats great – I wish you all the best in your project and I look forward to follow this!

        😉 camilla

  2. I’m am zed that you have time for blogging when running your own business – but it is a way to get out there. Networking is such big thing those days. I use always cashmere scarves – bought load while I lived in UK. They are so warm … and soft. My pick of your bunch here .. is the green on top.

    • Thank you Viveka I will upload every single one soon to my website 🙂 I love cashmere as well and it will for sure stay in the care by me collection for a LONG time – our project in Nepal are so great and I feel we can do a difference. But care by me needs to be more than cashmere – I like to think of the brand like a state of mind : great products with a purpose both for the suppleier and the customers 🙂

      • There is silk and cashmere .. got a beautiful shawl
        from House of Fraser, London .. it had more silk then cashmere – and it’s so very thin and still very warm. Must have cost some money .. grey and off white, in a very modern pattern.
        I think your way of thinking is wonderful .. that it gains all parts and of course you too.
        Personal I love silk .. but it’s a summer material for us up here. Long skirt and tops … dresses in simple lines,
        Filippa K is very good in how to use silk the year around.

  3. As you know, I love your both your philosophy and mission from the very first second that I met you in cyberspace. I am really attracted to the bottom one: such a beautiful and special colour combination. I like the idea of being surrounded by things that have a particular history and giving them a brand new life by rethinking their function. Congratulations on this new path of your project and keep up the good work Camilla! You make this world to a more beautiful and colourful place.

    • My dear friend thank you so much for chose kind words – you are truly nice to me and my projects! I also like to have products with a history – and to be honest i love the thought of reuse of the old saris 🙂 when I went to India last year I meet a lot og very nice people, and i’m both happy and proud to have this small selection at care by me 🙂 have a very nice evening – I wish you all the best 🙂

      xx Camilla

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