Even we are sweet – we are also a bit cool!

I took this picture of Amalie (and Karla) the other day – and actually it made me think about our little brand, and the way I have approached this project. In my “other” business I advice huge companies in their brand strategy and I help them with creative and strategic communications – but actually I never took my own medicine doing this project!

So I made a miniworkshop – all alone – and identified some of the dilemmas i’m in the middle of building this new brand:

1. We are behind schedule all the time

2. We have limited access to financial and human resources

3. The brand is unknown

4. our products are expensive

5. Several other brands do similar products

Well – after facing these dilemmas or issues – I made the classic exercise and tried to find solutions for each point, and without boring you with all the details I realized that we try to hard to make all people happy with the things we do – and this is NEVER very smart. So the next couple of weeks I will work on a new brand strategy, and try to figure out how to combine  the fact that we want to make a difference for other people in the same time we actually make luxury products – these two main factors in our identity targets two different groups of people: 1. the ones caring for others and our environment (do not very often want to spend money on luxury goods) 2. the ones who can afford our products (but don’t find them “attractive” ) – I know this is a very hard generalization og the two groups – and I know lots more are in between – but it is an interesting thought when building a new brand platform… What do you think?


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25 thoughts on “Even we are sweet – we are also a bit cool!

  1. I think I know exactly what you mean and I’m afraid I have no sane advice to give you!
    I can tell you however that when you truly believe in what you do and support it -like you do, sooner or later you will see results. Take me for example. I am very hard to convince and very short of money at the moment, yet I am now a proud owner of one of your beautiful scarves! You must be doing something right!
    Give it time and you’ll see things will work out perfectly!
    Keep up the good work!

    • Dear Marina – Thank you so much for your great comment! I think you are right about most things – but I also realize that the communication platform untill now is very much “how does Camilla feel today” – and this ok for a start, and I’m very thankful there are people like you who actually READ what I write, and follow the project, and thereby understand it. But I also know you are one of the few – most people are busy, so it is important to have synergy in your brand communication – and it is this core platform I think it’s time to define for real 🙂 thank you so much for being you – and for your support! xox

  2. I don’t have an answer neither – it’s tough in all fields just now. What I can recommend is to get your products in to some fashion magazine .. that means freebies – but can be worth it … because if they use one of your scarves in one shot .. that can be you. You do fantastic products – and I don’t think the price is an issue .. for some – and you need to get your leg into their world.

    • Hi 🙂 Thank you! And yes you are right – one way is to make sure to be in the right magazines – and in the right places (design forums and so) Actually i’m invited by Ministry of Environment in Denmark to participate in a workshop making a new strategy in the area:recycling of textiles, I hope to meet a lot of interesting people here – and I am very happy to be invited! But no matter what I think it is important that I do more consistent communications from care by me going forward – and I’m so happy for your comment and the fact that you like my things 🙂 have a great sunday!

      • Wow, how interesting about Denmark – great news – because communications and connections are such a big thing today. Be prepared that Denmark is very expensive. One of the most expensive countries in Europe. Loads of pocket money. *smile
        You will love it – lived in Denmark and I loved every minute of it.
        I hope you will do a post about your visit … and keep me posted. Wish you all the luck in the world – your stuff is so beautiful.
        Danish design is FAB in everything they do.

      • Hi – I’m Danish – and I live in Copenhagen and YES I love it here – and I love Scandinavian design – educated on the Danish school of art this is actually a project where I “go back to my roots” 🙂 I am very thankful you like my products and I look forward to show more from my wonderful country – maybe also from the rest of scandinavia since I travel a lot…the day after tomorrow I will be in Oslo / Norway and actually I love that country and city as well 😉

      • Wow, so you’re Danish … just 50 min away from me .. that is really cool. *smile
        Oslo another fantastic city … I’m glad I didn’t wrote anything negative about Copenhagen – did a post about http://wp.me/p293Pw-rE …. if you’re interested.
        Enjoy Oslo and say hej till Karl Johan!!

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  4. Oh, I thought about one more thing; I miss a photo of you, and I can’t see that in the shop or on the blog, maybe I missed it… My point is, since your products are so fabolus, perhaps it would be an idea to see more of the person behind, a story, could that be part of your brand, so I buy the product not just because of the product? I can see through Patricias blog that you’ve made an impression. Just an idea! Love and light, Anne

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