Galla inspiration

Amalies high school galla is coming up, and of cause we make her dress our self. In the process of dying the silk I found some beautiful results, and now I’m working on some very need summer silk tops.

The next samples of cashmere / bamboo products are delayed, and this means that photo shoot and web shop will be delayed as well – I guess for many this is business as usual, but I find it very irritating…I have no patience.

Well I hope you guys have a great day – it means so much for me that I know you are out there following my small project!

-keep in touch! Camilla

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12 thoughts on “Galla inspiration

  1. Camilla,

    Thank you kindly for the visit!

    I find that that best reward for me when someone visits my blog is that I get to visit theirs. Here I am reading your posts and loving them very much. I also feel I need to check out the web shop. You are making wonderful things.


    • Dear Bodhi
      Thank you to! I’m very proud of your revisit and follow, I really like your blog, and your mix between beautifull places / cakes and fashion – I look forward to read more posts from you 🙂

  2. Hello, Thank you for visiting my blog, this way i discovered yours! Your project is lovely and the fabrics seem so beautiful!! Good luck in everything 🙂

  3. Camilla, i really know how that feels… it is indeed more than irritating. crossing my fingers that everything will work out all right.
    Amalie is your daughter? my mother has the same name. 😉 please post her dress when it’s ready, i’m so curious. take care, xx, Helene

    • Helene, THANK YOU so much for your kind words! Yes Amalie is my daughter and I will for sure post her dress – the galla is on th 11 may

      -keep in touch! Camilla

  4. Hi Camilla, Thanks for stopping by my blog. I came be to see what you are up to. Such beautiful fabrics and beautiful colors. Look forward to seeing Amalie’s dress when it is finished. Emily

    • Hi Emily Thank you for stopping by 🙂 Besides loving design I have a desire for foos – and i really like your posts!
      -Keep in touch! Camilla

    • Thank you so much!! – and yes we really love natural materials – cashmere, bamboo, soya, silk, cotton and leather.
      -keep in touch! Camilla

  5. How lucky that Amalie gets a dress made with love. My mom used to make all of my clothes and I still have a silk top I wore when I was five. These things are so very precious.

  6. I agree, the times makeing things like this is very precious. When you do tailoring actually the process is very intens, and I feel so lucky to have theese moments with my daughter, in Denmark, you become authority when you’re 18 – and it is very normal to move away from home before 20, so I enjoy every moment with Amalie and hope she will stay at home a bit longer 🙂

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